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Information to Tenderers

(A) Important Information For All Tenderers

  1. For Interested Tenderers, please email your company name, address, contact person's name, phone and address address to the SMRT Contact Person as listed in the Tender Notice. SMRT Contact Person will send you an email with a link to SMRT Ariba E-Sourcing Portal.
  2. Please submit your tender proposal via SMRT Ariba E-Sourcing Portal before the tender closing date and time. Hard copy or email submissions will not be accepted.
  3. Ariba Procurement Supplier Guide SMRTSupplierGuideforRFX.pdf
  4. Please refer to the delivery timings and storage sizings to the respective SMRT Warehouse


(B) SMRT Standard Conditions of Contract

  1. The accompanying Terms and Conditions to Purchase Orders (“POs”) are as follows:

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