SMRT SNAP-REP (Short for Snap and Report) is a new technical defect reporting channel launched as part of a trial to provide commuters with a quick and easy way of alerting us to any technical defect they come across while travelling within the SMRT network.

Commuters simply need to snap photos of the defects with their mobile devices and send them using WhatsApp to +65 9788 4398 with details such as the vehicle number, date, time, location, and a short description of the defect. Commuters are encouraged to use the one-way feedback channel responsibly. SNAP-REP is available from 9.00am to 5.00pm on Mondays to Fridays, excluding Public Holidays. For other feedback not relating to defects, please contact our Customer Hotline at 1800 336 8900 or email us here.

To help us identify the issue, please provide us with the following information.

Trains Buses
Technical defects on board trains
  1. 4 -digit train car number (e.g. 1509)
  2. Date and time of occurrence (e.g. 7 Aug, 3pm)
  3. Description of defect (e.g. Defective air-conditioner)
Technical defects on board buses
  1. Bus plate number (e.g. TIB1000X)
  2. Bus service number (e.g. 985)
  3. Date and time of occurrence (e.g. 7 Aug, 3pm)
  4. Description of defect (e.g. Defective Card Reader)
Technical defects in MRT stations
  1. Station name (e.g. Sembawang MRT)
  2. Location (e.g. Platform)
  3. Date and time of occurrence (e.g. 7 Aug, 3pm)
Technical defects at Bus Interchanges
  1. Date and time of occurrence (e.g. 7 Aug, 3pm)
  2. Location (e.g. Woodlands Interchange, next to PSC)
  3. Description of defect (e.g. Defective ceiling lights)

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