Chief Controller Muhammad Fairuz, Operations Control Centre

Meet Muhammad Fairuz Bin Abdol Wahid, Chief Controller from the Operations Control Centre for the Circle Line (CCL). 

Control Operations - Chief Controller Fairuz


Fairuz joined SMRT in 2008, after completing his National Service. As a Chief Controller, Fairuz is overall in-charge of the performance of the Operations Control Centre for the CCL. He controls the movements of the CCL trains on the driverless system, and ensures that the trains run smoothly during service hours.


Fairuz and his colleague monitoring the train movements on the CCL

Fairuz enjoys his job, and takes pride in the fact that he is part of the team that is responsible for the heart and nerve centre of the CCL. "I like that my job requires me to work closely with my team to ensure that train service is delivered in a reliable and prompt manner at all times, allowing our commuters to have a smooth journey", says Fairuz.

He also manages a team of Train Service Controllers (TSCs) on incident management during train service disruptions. He shares that whenever there are train incidents or faults, he has to act fast and work with the TSCs to recover the train service safely and quickly. "We just want to make sure that our commuters can get to their destination on time which is why my team and I are motivated to minimise commuters' inconveniences to the best we can", adds Fairuz.