Media Release - SMRT unveils art murals at Woodlands Integrated Transport Hub to promote confidence for PWIDs on public transport


31 May 2024


  1. SMRT Buses unveiled today two art murals at the Woodlands Integrated Transport Hub (WITH), aimed at drumming up inclusivity within its public bus network.


  1. Both art murals are designed to raise public awareness of Persons with Intellectual Disability (PWIDs) and encourage commuters to be more accepting and sensitive to the needs of PWIDs when travelling alongside them during their commute.


  1. The unveiling of both art murals is a testament to the recent Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by SMRT and MINDS in April 2024 to create positive impact in the lives of PWIDs and their families. This underscores SMRT’s commitment towards making public transport inclusive and accessible for all walks of life.


  1. Mr Tan Peng Kuan, Managing Director of SMRT Buses, said, “As a public transport operator, we believe in Doing Right, Doing Good and Doing Well to make public transport accessible for everyone. Through these art murals, we take a step forward in promoting inclusive travel that creates a positive impact on the communities we serve.”


  1. The first art mural highlights some challenges that PWIDs may face during their commute and how the public can step forward to lend a helping hand. This mural is located at Berth 7 in WITH where bus services 912 and 912A commence and serve students and clients who attend MINDS Woodlands Gardens School and Woodlands Employment Development Centre.


  1. The other art mural, located near Berth 6 at WITH, serves to remind the public that PWIDs, like everyone else, can be independent travellers and also participate in community activities.  The mural includes a space for commuters to pen their well wishes or words of encouragement for PWIDs. 


  1. Mr Kelvin Koh, Chief Executive Officer of MINDS, said, "Positive travel experiences are key to encouraging PWIDs to travel by public transport.  It also offers caregivers peace of mind knowing that their child is able to travel safely and independently with the support of the community.  Thank you once again to SMRT for taking active steps in making public transport accessible for everyone and partnering MINDS to create positive impact on the lives of PWIDs and their families."


  1. The installation of the art murals is done in support of MINDS Colour Socks Parade (CSP) 2024, which is into its third edition this year. Themed “Inspiring Creativity, Celebrating Inclusivity”, CSP 2024 seeks to embrace and celebrate the abilities of PWIDs through the vibrant world of art.


  1. This is the latest in a stream of efforts by SMRT to provide inclusive travel solutions and service delivery, which is aligned with SMRT’s service ethos Go-To SMRT – We Love to Help. In April 2024, new wayfinding mural cues were implemented to help commuters with cognitive disabilities like dementia navigate between SMRT’s public transport nodes in Woodlands with more ease and confidence.