This Is Rail To Us

Continuous Improvement, For Better Journeys

There is great teamwork and commitment by the men and women behind SMRT Trains. We work tirelessly 24/7, at the depots, Operation Control Centres, tracks, tunnels, trains and stations. We control our train network with precision and maintain our trains with pride, to take you places across this island we call home. We do all these and more, with purpose, professionalism and passion. Because this is real to us, THIS IS RAIL TO US.




The ONE SMRT teamwork, making our journeys possible, every day

Technical Officers and Assistant Engineers at our depots, maintaining our trains rigorously.

Train Service Contollers at our Operation Control Centres, keeping a close watch over our train network, 24/7

Train Captains of our North-South and East-West Lines, moving thousands of commuters a day.

Station Managers at our MRT stations, helping commuters navigate their way with a smile.