Service Ambassador Chang Shu Ling, Raffles Place Station

Meet Chang Shu Ling, Service Ambassador from Raffles Place MRT station. 

Station Operations - Service Ambassador Chang Shu Ling

Shu Ling joined SMRT in 2015 as a Service Ambassador. She shares that once, her mother lost her way in the train network in Taiwan. A staff from the metro operator came forward and guided her to the destination. She then felt inspired to help commuters on their commute and decided to join SMRT as a Service Ambassador. 


Shu Ling assisting commuters to board the train safely

“I enjoy working as a Service Ambassador, especially when it comes to helping elderly commuters as they remind me of my mother. Knowing that I can help commuters in need to get to their destination makes me happy”, adds Shu Ling. 

On the topic of memorable experiences at work, Shu Ling shares that she once assisted a pregnant commuter to find a seat in the train. After the commuter delivered her baby, she wrote a thank you card and passed to her personally. In her card, she wrote that she and her baby will always be grateful for Shu Ling as she has made a difference to their lives. 





“Helping others brings joy to me. I do not expect anything in return when helping others. When I received the thank you card personally from the commuter, I feel touched and motivated to continue doing my best to help commuters.” 

In her leisure time, Shu Ling enjoys hand sewing. She shared that her hobby helps her to relieve her stress and feel recharged. With this, she can stay focus at work and try her best to assist commuters.