Technical Officer Muhamad Muhsin, Track Maintenance

Meet Muhammad Muhsin Bin Abdul Rashid, Technical Officer from the Track Maintenance team.


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Muhsin joined SMRT in 2013. His primary role is to replace rails with defects. Rails are replaced for a variety of reasons, such as when there’s hairline cracks, or when rails are pitted. Every night, he and his colleagues have to cut and weld to replace rails that have been worn out. After replacing these rails, they then grind the rails to smoothen the surface, allowing commuters to have a safe and comfortable journey.



Muhsin cutting the rails that have been worn out

“Even though I was previously from the rail industry, I didn’t get a chance to go down on the tracks. Now that I’m in the Track Maintenance team, I really enjoy my job and it also requires me to learn and master a variety of skill sets which is something I am very proud of.”  

When asked about the challenges he faces, Muhsin shares that one of the challenges he faces at work is the limited engineering hours to conduct maintenance works on the track. However, he adds that he draws motivation from his team of supportive bosses and team mates, and has a passion for the rail industry which makes his job more meaningful.



“I just want to show the public that the work we do every night is tough and we are working hard to bring commuters smooth train rides”, adds Muhsin.

During his free time, Mushin enjoys outdoor activities, such as running and diving. He feels that such exercises help to build up his stamina, which is important for a physically- demanding job, such as working on the tracks.